ECU Reflash @ Cincy Desmo Service

Cincy Desmo Service now offers ECU reflashing for all Ducati models! 

We have a large selection of maps for full exhaust and slip-ons for all Ducati models.  Cincy Desmo Service Ducati ecu reflash is a performance service that consists of reprogramming your Ducati's stock ECU.  By reflashing your ECU, you will unlock the hidden potential of your Ducati's power.  With the reflashed ECU you will have increased idle, increased rev limit, improved throttle control and reaction, reduced excessive engine braking with improved deceleration, improved fuel and engine maps, injector phasing adjustment and a return to stock option.  Your Ducati will retain all of its stock instruments and light functions, including safety parameters of the stock ECU.  The ECU reflash removes the factory timing retard, throttle restrictions, speed limiters (gear dependent), injector shut-off on deceleration, O2 sensors and those annoying factory "error" codes.



$225 with Exhaust Purchase

$275 ECU only

$450 Purchase of ECU, No core required


$10 Return shipping within USA

Click on the "ECU Flash Order Form" button and complete the attached. Be sure to include with your ECU when shipping to us for flashing.

ECU Flash Order Form